Professional Experience

Tech Lead

2023 – current
Leading a team of four, developing a project management platform for the construction industry. Full-stack development with Laravel, Livewire, Alpine and Tailwind.

Software Engineer

2021 – 2023
Worked with audio delivery systems, serving millions of users with large amounts of data. Back-end development with Node.js, infrastructure in AWS.

Software Engineer

2017 – 2021
Software developer at a small consulting company, working with a wide variety of clients. Mainly working with JavaScript/TypeScript, including Node.js, React and Vue, as well as UX/UI work such as user research, interviewing, and UI design.

Co-founder & Software Engineer

2016 – 2017
Co-founded the company Entowork together with three others, developing a gig economy platform. Built with PHP/Laravel and Vue.

Founder & Software Engineer

2015 – 2018
Developing and running a text-based browser game. Released in the fall of 2017 and had, at its peak, around 2000 monthly active users, and among them around 500 paying subscribers. Built with PHP/Laravel and Vue.

Software Engineer

Worked part-time while studying, developing a social media recruitment platform. Full-stack development with Laravel and Vue.

Software Engineer
Axis Communications

2015 – 2016
Worked on legacy systems while studying, mainly working on the company’s homegrown CRM system. Programming in Perl, PHP, Java, JavaScript (Angular 1.x, jQuery, Node.js).


Bachelor of Science
Malmö University

2014 – 2017

Computer Science

Extra-curricular Activities

  • Chairman of the Board of Malmö University’s Mentorship Program
  • Student representative in the Program Council
  • Tutoring and Exercise Supervision